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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a billboard cost?
Billboard rates vary depending on the location, its view from the intended road, size, traffic and market. If you contact us, we can email a list of rates and available dates for our locations.
How big are the billboards?
Most of Murray Outdoor's billboards are 14 high by 48 feet long. 14 by 48 is the standard "bulletin" size. However, Murray Outdoor also has boards that are non-standard. Please contact us for other billboard sizes and their locations.
How do I rent a billboard@f0
Billboards are rented by the month. The standard contract lengths are four to twelve months. Shorter terms can be quoted upon request. Most rates are based on having the advertiser rent the board on the available date.
Where does Murray Outdoor have billboards@f1
Locations can be seen in Boston, MA, Worcester, MA (Boston ADI), Lawrence, MA (Boston ADI), Fall River, MA, New Bedford, MA, Westport, MA, Attleboro, MA,  Rehoboth, MA, Providence, RI, Manchester, NH, Nashua, NH and Rochester, NH. Most of Murray Outdoor's billboards are highway locations. The individual locations can be see in the Locations portion of this website.
How can I find out when Murray Outdoor has billboards available?
Contact us for availability dates. Some of our locations are occupied long term and some are available soon. Murray Outdoor does need to check with existing advertisers regarding their intentions to renew their contract (about 90 days in advance).
How do I know how many people see the billboard?
Murray Outdoor is a TAB member (Traffic Audit Bureau for media measurement). TAB audits all billboard faces owned by Murray. Further information is at
Are the billboards illuminated at night?
All of Murray Outdoor's billboards are illuminated from one half hour before sunset to 12:30 A.M., using the most state of the art lighting. An illuminated billboard becomes even more visible at night.
Who provides the creative artwork for the billboards@f2
Artwork is provided by the advertiser or advertiser's agency approximately thirty (30) days prior to the display start date. Art designs are not included in the space rate but can be arranged for an additional charge.
Does Murray Outdoor provide the display material? Displays are produced on vinyl material. The display material is not included in the space rate. There is a net charge of $2.25 per square foot to produce the display.
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