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Bulletins are the largest, most impactful form of out-of-home media. Because of their enormous size they command the attention of the vehicular traffic. A standard bulletin is usually 14’ x 48’, but occasionally other sizes unique to a given market. Bulletins afford great visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative “customizing” through extensions and embellishments.

Located primarily on major highways, expressways or principal arteries, bulletins are placed in highly visible sites and provide high-density consumer exposure. They continue to build frequency day after day and quickly expose your selling message to a large audience.
Bulletins advertise many kinds of products and services. They provide high impact and high circulation to reach consumers within and between markets. There are two types of bulletins:

» Rotary bulletins: moved to a different location every 60 or 90 days to insure broad market coverage.
» Permanent bulletins: remain at a fixed location and are priced individually, predicated on location and visibility to the road. Contracts are generally for 6 months or more.

Bulletins are rented on a monthly basis as an individual unit or on a daily GRP/showing basis. The number of bulletins purchased depends on market size. Contract periods are generally three months or longer, however shorter term buys are available. There is a significant decrease in rates if bulletins are purchased for longer contract lengths.
Bulletins are almost always illuminated for 18-hour exposure to insure visibility during commuting hours and for nighttime travelers. As a result, their Daily Effective Circulation (DEC) is normally much higher than other forms of out-of-home media.
Computer painting creates seamless vinyl images that rival the production quality of magazine ads. Twenty years ago bulletins were hand painted on wood or steel panels and assembled on location.
Today, the industry can accommodate computer painted flexible vinyl material that is stretched over and around the face of the bulletin.
To increase the impact of bulletins, extensions (cutouts that extend beyond the basic shape of the structure), are often used as seen in the example. Extensions or cutouts may be added around the perimeter at a one-time charge per square foot with a once-a-month maintenance charge. Extra space charge is comparable to print media foldouts or inserts.

In areas where there is high client demand for billboards and low supply, some sites carry a rotating message display system referred to as a Trivision. A Trivision rotates advertising messages expanding the number of available display faces in locations that would normally be occupied. The quick change of the message provides added attention value to your display. Some advertisers purchase all three faces for a storyboard message.

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